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  • Well would you look at that. I finally found the time to get a new layout up and running. I should be proud of myself. Lol. If you have any issues with it, let me know and I’ll make adjustments.

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    "Veigar…" She sighed looking to the entrance of her humble home. Despite it being a cave, the fact that he was even here was beyond her comprehension. But she wasn’t going to leave him out there. After all, he was damn near useless in this domain. At least when it came to how inefficient magic tended to be on her. However, she felt herself becoming generous. "Come. Lets clean you up. . " She stated, approaching with a spare towel. 

    Veigar sighed, shivering. “You’re right..” He did need to stop his rage upon others, but it was so addicting. He was so used to it, it became second nature. “Lulu is kind even if she’s a little mad. I don’t know why she’s my friend. Maybe she sees that I can be better, like you have said.” He closed his eyes momentarily. “I think it’ll be hard for me. But I’ll try it, for her sake, for yours too.” He sat his hands in his lap, and water oozed out of the metal.

    Having tried to pep-talk the Yordle, she grew confused. He’d actually agreed? She was confused and slapped her face a couple times to make sure she wasn’t dreaming. The diabolical Veigar? This was truly something astounding. She had to be speaking with one of those alters again. If this was happening. . or so she thought. Her brilliant golden orbs thinned for a moment before she lifted him from his ear. Heating herself up so that he and her would have the water dried away quicker. Keeping herself from getting to a point where she’d light him ablaze. 

    Maybe this was one of those nights were two misunderstood beings could just relax and take time to do what others didn’t. Listen to one another. Though Shyvana had a pit in her stomach about it. Refusing to let herself grow close in fear one day this could all again be in vain. She nodded, and looked beyond the yordle boy. “You have to cherish something, sometime child. Otherwise, you’ll find yourself. Having destroyed everything and still missing what it is you began to destroy, to find, in the first place.” Not being someone who could play the part of intelligent mother figure, Despite the way she spoke to people. She was powerful, and hardened. It made her fit to lead and encourage, but not raise. At least. . not yet. This was all to point out that Shyvana worded it in the best way she could. Though when she replayed it to herself, she felt rather confused. 

    Maybe he’d get it. Or maybe he wouldn’t. Whatever the case may be, she tried. That was all that mattered. But in the meantime, she began to get a peculiar smell from the boy. Probably since his fur had been wet. She began look away, keeping her nose away from him since she’d yet to control her sense of smell at this point in time. The stench wasn’t as bad as it could be . .but it certainly caught her off-guard. Knowing it’d eventually stop bothering her, she slowly allowed herself to get used too it. As it appeared, she was going to have too for quite a while. Until the rain stopped. 

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  • the-phat-gamer Sent:

    A familiar male figure stands alone at the edge of a cliff, staring off into the distance. It had been some time since he had last set foot on Runeterran Soil. "Back here in Runeterra Huh? I wonder what she's up to... Speaking of the devil herself, I can smell you nearby Shyvana. Come on out" (Kuryu. Its been a while senpai owo )



    (( Ahh, my darling Kohai. <3 ))

    And like that, she slithers her scaly hide from out behind the largest of rocks. A snicker almost timid. Low toned and violent-prone. An azure digits swiped away dust from her upper-lip, just as she began cracking other aching bones. "Well, well, well. I come up here to train, and here I find you. How long has it been, child?" 

    A tainted scent? As curious as he was about what could be the cause, Kuryu let that subject slide. Just as Shyvana said, he was here merely to relax (sort of) and not mention anything that could cause any sort of unnerving feelings. Kuryu scratched his head and sighed. He took note of the way Shyvana had darted a quick look at him and looked away just as quickly. Exactly what was she thinking? Is there something about him that caught her eye? Or something else? Maybe its the fact that his hair had grown longer. 

    "Just what is it that those two see in each other I wonder…? anyway, its only a matter of time until the peace is broken, so we might as well use that time while we have it to at least do some catching up I guess. A meal sounds good too"

    Azure orbs stared at the other half-breed, piercing and cold as always, but always a bit more gentle when looking at his dear friend. “We going on a hunt? Or…?”

    Happy that the moment steered away from Sir Jarvan, she nodded and looked away for a moment. Hiding a hint of worry. Though the mentioning of food brought her glance back to her fellow half-ling. As her nostrils flared with a sense of excitement, smoke exited in minor quantity. A grin which bared pearly fangs became plastered among her maw. Probably one of the only times Shyvana ever smiled. When the time to kill again was near. Just how sadistic was she to enjoy such things? Having ripped out a dragon’s heart, revealed it’s origin but not it’s evolution. One that made Shyvana many times more lethal than most. 

    "Hmph. You’ve caught on. Hunting is how we dragon’s keep our instincts top notch. Today I wish to see how far you’ve progressed. So. . take the lead little one." She smirked, looking to the boy with a pleased grin. Having taken on quite a bit of bulk, especially in her shoulders, she  wanted to let some of the stress levitate for a moment. A series of popping noises followed her motions after. And a smoked out grin revealed her aches had been temporarily been reduced to nothing. "Be sure to hurry child. The Moon rises soon enough. The food shall be gone if you take too long. We’ve got quite a ways to go just to get to the forest, let alone hunt our prey." 

    Looking to the sun, beginning to lean to the right, she raised a brow. "Hmmm… Nearing Evening. We’ve got about Three hours before things start to become dormant for the approaching night." She thought. Considering she was the kind that liked to figure out what she desired on the go, this was going to make her have to choose quicker than normal. And boy was she picky. This would be one for the books. Though this did make her wonder, just what had the boy begun to start hunting in his time away? 

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  • Puzzled, by the various slaves that suddenly appeared, the Dragoness shifted with worry. Eventually desiring to begin seeking out answers.

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