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5th July 2014


"What… is going on?"

Puzzled, by the various slaves that suddenly appeared, the Dragoness shifted with worry. Eventually desiring to begin seeking out answers.

1st July 2014

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shy guy has legs

damn it dAMN IT



shy guy has legs

damn it dAMN IT

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28th June 2014

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"Hey! Another lady that isn’t a boob monster. Awesome!" He clapped his hands as he held them up, wanting money. "Can I have some money? Or food…? I’m really hungry.."


Confused, the dragoness sighed. Lifting the child by his collar before shooting him a glare. “Child, what is your name?” She asked, just before dropping him onto his rear.

24th June 2014

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the-phat-gamer said: A familiar male figure stands alone at the edge of a cliff, staring off into the distance. It had been some time since he had last set foot on Runeterran Soil. "Back here in Runeterra Huh? I wonder what she's up to... Speaking of the devil herself, I can smell you nearby Shyvana. Come on out" (Kuryu. Its been a while senpai owo )



(( Ahh, my darling Kohai. <3 ))

And like that, she slithers her scaly hide from out behind the largest of rocks. A snicker almost timid. Low toned and violent-prone. An azure digits swiped away dust from her upper-lip, just as she began cracking other aching bones. "Well, well, well. I come up here to train, and here I find you. How long has it been, child?" 


"Hrm…. now thats a name I haven’t heard in such a long time" A tilt of his head let her know that he is feeling content "I haven’t counted the months I was a way but one thing is certain: It feels like forever"  

Memories of being under her command began to flood back into him, some fond, and some not so fond. Its no doubt, however, those moments with her helped him became who he is today. Not a smile was present on his young lips, but it is certain that he is glad to see his old friend again.

Something about Kuryu seemed… Different. Other than his longer hair tied into a ponytail, he seemed as though he had… matured somehow. 

"Is Demacia still at peace?"

"Hm? I sometimes wonder. I have been getting an odd feeling about Sir Jarvan. He scent has been tainted. Garen continues to play grab-ass with that ‘woman’ of Noxus. And it is hard to tell what affairs are truly destined to become. Be it all out war, or some. . alliance."

She scuffed and nodded. Digits combing back spare strands from her face. After she’d removed her headdress, anyway. Bright golden eyes looked the boy over, before turning away again. As if only needing to see him once to take all his adaptions into mind.

"I have gotten to the point that I care little of we still have peace. But how long it will be until sometime aims to destroy it. And the hands of fate are at work." She said with a smoked out sigh. "But off those matters. Seeing as you’ve returned…I’m sure you want to relax. Maybe even grab some food in the process? It is getting close to that time for me to devour my fill, anyway."

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24th June 2014

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"I sure so miss a lot when I go to sleep."